Shaping booby eyes with Gunville cutter and dremel 932 stone

Always wanted perfectly round booby eyes?  Here's how!


Creating the eyes for booby flies can be pretty tricky to get right, in this video Lindsay shows a couple of methods that can help simplify their construction utilising the Gunville Foam cutter. Boobies can be one of the most effective fly fishing stillwater patterns out there. Get it right and the possible patterns you can tie are only limited by your imagination.

andy saunders - Cutting your own Booby cord

Check out this great video from Andy 'Pandy' Saunders

Fly fish food - Tying Hoppers with the Gunville Foam Cutter

The Weinermobile hopper fly pattern is a great floating fly. 

Svend Diesel - Booby Bugger Fly Pattern Tutorial

The Booby Fly is one that has been gaining much attention and growing in popularity in recent years.  Originated in the 80's by Gordon Fraser as would could be considered an attractor pattern, The sporadic movement in the water is hard to mimic with any other fly or pattern.